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Happy November!

by treenaorchard

I’ve been on a forced hiatus from writing because of tendonitis, brought on by too much writing and the added labours of gardening. Honestly, that’s the only thing I’ve been doing differently! It’s a demanding art/craft that I’m really enjoying, but also must put on hold. 

When I take Elliott on her 30-minute morning strolls around the yard and down the driveway I always look at the shrunken trees, many of which are now leafless, and the ground, which is still very new to me considering I only moved into my house in June.

I wonder what the next season will look like and how the new plants will push through the debris of the current harvest. It’s magical, of course, hibernation and renewal, and

I allude to this at the end of my newest publication. Take a read and I hope to be back to weekly blogs soon.

Back to life in my 2-storey fishbowl, 

Love Treena

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