When I’m not in the natural habitat of my office, I am a travelling nomad always in search of something.

My name is Treena Orchard. I’m an anthropologist, author and adventurer. I am an intensely thoughtful and curious woman who is trying  to better understand the experiences of not only the people I work with, but also myself on this wild, meaningful ride through life.

I’d love to meet you.

This website encompasses my manifold experiences – all with the aim of starting conversations with the aim of social benefit. That’s why I make myself available to engage with individuals and groups to empower their self-discovery, research and therapeutic journeys.

Whether you’d like me to contribute my expertise to a conference, provide academic mentorship or host a group exercise that facilitates healing, learning or advocacy, please reach out.

Let’s collaborate to share our stories in ways that add vibrancy and value to our communities.

The Treena Trifecta


Basically, I study human behaviour and what it means, socially and culturally. I spend time with different individuals and groups of people, listen to their life stories and record my observations. Anthropology isn’t only about collecting data, it’s about recognizing the social value and uniqueness in each of us – how we’re different, what unites us, and how to make a difference.


In addition to my academic research publications and presentations, I also enjoy creative writing and am currently working on a memoir – and associated blogs – about my foray into digital dating. I hope you’ll laugh with/at me and find comfort in my honest exploration of the search many of us engage in throughout our lives, that search for special, meaningful people and experiences.


Influenced by the social justice work of various family members from a young age, activism has long been a central part of my life. Whether it’s marching to protest murdered and missing Indigenous peoples or writing against misogyny, I try to use my knowledge and determined spirit to foster political change and awareness about issues that impact the people I work with and care about.

About Me

I am on a therapeutic journey that I want to share with my readers. I want to heal – and be healed – through my academic, creative and community work. Deconstructing the ivory tower is an important political process that I relish taking part in. I look forward to engaging with you on this journey.

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“Send me someone who’s strong and somewhat sincere”

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