Online Publications & Features

“Why do we write? A chorus erupts. Because we cannot simply live.”
~Patti Smith, Devotion (2017:93)

I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with and contribute to on- and offline publications that reflect my vision for a more equitable and meaningful world. In the spirit of this, I am excited to announce my newest initiatives:

NEW Publication in Be-Yourself-A-Medium Magazine

I transformed last week’s blog into a publication on Be-Yourself-A-Medium Magazine. This reflexive, tender piece reviews how an unassuming room- the bathroom- can be a space of solace and healing. 

Thanks to Covid-19 and the need to isolate, to the level of a bubble, finding accessible places to ground ourselves is vital! Let me know how your relationships with everyday spaces has changed too. Remember, we’re all in this together…but just separately.

I was so excited to be featured by #forwomenwhoroar. This well-respected, fem-forward publication is amplifying the voices of women who refuse to go quietly into the night.

“Like almost a billion people on the planet, I’ve used dating apps to navigate the lottery of longing that is modern romance…”

Read my article, “Reflections on a Date Gone Wrong,” via the wonderful website CHORUS.

Orchard, T. (Feb. 10, 2020). “Valentine’s Day: Gen Z avoid committed relationships, prefer ‘casual things’”, The Conversation Canada: Academic Rigour, Journalistic Flair

Orchard, T. (Sept. 30, 2019). Bumble article comments indicate the rise of a far-right feminist-backlash, The Conversation Canada: Academic Rigour, Journalistic Flair.

Orchard, T.  (2019, Aug. 15). On the Bumble Dating app, it’s the woman who decides. But are men ready for this?. 

(2019, July 28). Love, lust and digital dating: Men on the Bumble dating app aren’t ready for the Queen bee, Invited contribution to The Conversation Canada: Academic Rigour, Journalistic Flair

Interviewed by Chris dela Torre of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show, The Afternoon Drive (February 11, 2020).

Featured guest on Sittin’ with Sallie, a Shaw Cable talk show in Kenora, Ontario (Channel 10). We discussed my Bumble dating app research and forthcoming book (June 4, 2019). YouTube:

Featured in a Front Page story by Randy Richmond of the London Free Press ‘Western researcher shares dating app experience’  (April 28, 2019)

Featured in story by Randy Richmond of the London Free Press ‘Is publicly naming sex buyers wise or reckless?‘ by Dale Carruthers (March 8, 2019)

Interviewed by Taniya Spoila of the Western Gazette and featured in the story ‘Myth: Girls Don’t Masturbate‘ (February 14, 2019).

Interviewed by Eric Collins about my Bumble dating app research and book for the Health, Illness & Recovery show at 9.49, Western University radio (November 26, 2018).

Interviewed by and featured in a story by Sydney Bordinon about my Bumble book and dating in the 21st century for 106.9 The X FM news, entitled: ‘Are Dating Apps Killing Romance? (September 16, 2018).

Interviewed by Grace To of the Western Gazette and featured in the story “Exploring the STI Testing Stigma” (February 14, 2018).

Interviewed by Kristen Lee of the Western Gazette and featured in the story “What’s it like to be a Sex Worker on Valentine’s Day?” (February 14, 2018)