Professor & Mentor

Love. Respect. Integrity

I care about people and I want to learn as much as I can about their lives in a respectful way to be able to make a difference. I am always excited about the opportunity to do this within my classrooms where I am able to introduce new ideas that can impact how people think about others.

My work at Western University – as an academic and professor – is diverse in nature, but always human-focused. I am privileged to travel around the world discussing my findings – many of which are directly related to what my students teach me during our interactions.

I support their work on projects that aim to reduce socio-sexual, gendered and political inequities. What’s interesting is how much our academic and personal therapeutic journeys overlap. When interviewing the young people I work with, I hear their stories and struggles and recognize their narratives within my own.

I am privileged to have students send in unsolicited feedback about their experiencesa few of which I’ve shared throughout this site – including the one below…

You have played an unimaginably large role in my decision to pursue this area of study – not only through your classes but also through the hours you have spent talking to me as I sat lost in your office. You pushed me to realize and pursue what I am most passionate about, and for that, I will always be grateful.

After being in your class for three out of my four years of undergrad, I don’t think there is any professor at Western that knows me better, and I know there isn’t a single professor I admire as much as I do you.

You are the most obvious choice when asked for an academic reference because you are my professor, my mentor and my friend. You already know how much I love and respect you, but thank you so much for this, and for everything you continue to do for me.

What else could you ask for as a professor?

We are all hoping to lead a life with a little bit of fun, integrity and love. Yet, more and more, we seem to be encountering breakdowns in relationships. From the microcosm of dating to broader gender and social inequity, I help guide my students to understand how they affect and are affected by the ways we interact with one another.

Another wonderful email from another truly engaged and inspiring student…

I just wanted to extend a quick thank you for your efforts throughout the course this year. I was very unsure of what to expect, however, I was pleasantly surprised as you constantly forced me out of my comfort zone, yet provided helpful support and guidance.

Your passion for teaching is inspiring and created a memorable class experience this semester. Thanks for everything, wishing you all the best!

I couldn’t be more grateful to my students, mentees & friends for sharing their thoughts with me – and it’s a privilege to share them with you.